Section F

You were looking so good in that new red dress you’d bought the week before, remember that? You were feeling fine, sexy, and here was this big man with gorgeous tattoos up and down his arms, so much color, and he leaned across the table and said something he shouldn’t have about paying for his clam chowder another way. There’s his hand on your thigh, the pinch that you fell for the first time. But now you know better. You know where this will go, all the trouble it will bring you. Just leave his check on the table and walk away. Good girl. You don’t need what he’s offering.

Wait, no. Don’t let him sweet talk you like that. Are you really falling for this again, after all we’ve been through? You know what he wants from you. You know what he’ll take. Why are you leading him to the kitchen? My girl, please.

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