Call for Nonfiction Submissions

Dec 11, 2012Archive, News

WHAT WE WANT: We want your NONFICTION. We want all your tiny pieces splotched on the floor for us to examine. We want you to examine your own pieces (or someone else’s) and arrange them in an aesthetically attractive order that is as true as spit and just as meaty. We want lyrically driven sentences. We want lyric. LYRIC. We want each sentence to come as close to a complete poem as possible and we want those poems to be essays. We are interested in work that challenges the constraints of the page—work that makes nasty with form and function. We want invention. We want longing. We want to read your fear and trepidation and love and all the sweet spots between. We want crisp sentences. If your sentence were an apple we’d like that apple to be a Granny Smith or a Braeburn. Burn baby burn is what we want.

Writers we roll around in include Jenny Boully, Lia Purpura, Lawrence Sutin, Claudia Rankine, Maggie Nelson, John D’Agata, and Annie Dillard—just to name a sprinkle.

Log into our submission manager and send us your nonfiction, up to 7500 words: