BWR Pushcart Nominations!

Nov 29, 2018News

We at BWR are immensely proud to nominate these extraordinary works that appeared in our pages for the Pushcart Prize! Please join us in congratulating these writers!


Tyrese Coleman, “Speculum” from BWR issue 45.1, Fall/Winter 2018

Bertha Isabel Crombet, “Asterisk: An Autobiography” from BWR issue 45.1, Fall/Winter 2018

Vi Khi Nao, An Excerpt from “I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER” from BWR issue 45.1, Fall/Winter 2018

Brandon Melendez, “serpent crown lined with marrow” from BWR issue 45.1, Fall/Winter 2018

Benjamin Krusling, “words seen in the sense of portals / the night makes compassion happen / in the sense of one narrow read of ethnic embitterment / wherein the amnesiac field is bled by visual data / where twenty chains dance in the mirror (don q) in the sense of the voice as it were hopping the discontinuous turnstile / — as everyone knows I’m in love / the mind is filled / so one sees space occur visually between two people / space where there’s none there is there ? / in the night where black makes matter happen / where het love is a freaky war machine / & one’s psychosexual nightmare makes phantoms that stack sandpaper in the linen closet / as if the words could be seen doing that / there’s no one here but you / pure present and always tense (Hortense spillers) / it’s night ” from BWR issue 45.1, Fall/Winter 2018

Joy Belonger, ” Polyphonic Autopsy of a Woman Who May Not andor Cannot Exist” from  BOYFRIEND VILLAGE


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