Best of the Net Nominations!

Oct 2, 2020News

The BWR team is immensely proud to nominate these beautiful and wonderful works for The Best of The Net!

“Soba” by K.B. Carle
“Lucinda” by Uma Dwivedi
“The Hole in the Wall” by Nima Omidi
“We Set Fire to the Horse” by DØgtail NØrth

“Let (((This Be the Verse)))” by Elana Lev Friedland
“Tender Grapes” by Helen Armstrong
“Not Just Crimson” by Mandy-Suzanne Wong
“Dear A-An Essay (excerpt)” by Siwar Masannat

“Amends” by Rage Hezekiah
“And yes I will have this act again” by Emilie Menzel
“how to move states” and “if the problem persists” by Kinsey Cantrell
“Nakhwaam” by Sjohnna McCray
“Diagenesis” by Jasmine An
“Golem” by Sarah Matthes

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