Bereavement Table for a Top Model Imagined

Stine An

from BWR 46.2

1993. 10. 24

(Reward) :: Die for one’s country, little woman, like hometown patriot martyr Ryu Gwan-sun, Miss
Korea In Memoriam Again: propagate your post, a coronet casket, a purity title—from 15th Nation
Love Eloquence Concours underwriters Korean Orators Association, Chungnam Province Division

1997 grumbles 5 woofs 24 fleeting blessings

A school funeral
Persimmon tree party
Tranquil desk, head in hands, smoking

1997 hellion 10 fools 4 yo-yo’s

Collect eight regrets, copper, manly riches, a scholar, a person of highest
Dudgeon, vulgar writing, a vocabulary construction competition :: a medal of
Encouragement from the man-wife of the east, lady soil-tiller, Korean Julius Caesar

1997 vixen 12 axes 13 only’s

Honor prize:
½ National chrysanthemum flower
Not knot embroidered lotus kite stanza of friendship

1998 bitch 5 moons 17 labors

Memorial service 24th generation Ah-teul-lan-tah Korean sashimi springtime inning
Outing young one sketch from life and death contest—ah, twisted box
Orchid pommeling association of business expatriates—venue: this stony, pregnant ash

1998 protests 5 menses 23 suns

Principal’s example:
Gook fury returns
Within a lifetime of longing

1998 witch 10 walls 10 weeds

Eminent Work trophy (middle class) presented by the East-southern weekly news and the joyful
Underground loner jurisconsult at a tongue laundry convention to someone who is neither noticeably
Bright nor pretty: nine cycles of erasure, a winter spouse, and a career of morose study

1999 any woman 5 shades 22 chastities

Crane Buckwheat Vanity Award: eternal paper
Hibiscus scar pink prison insufflation in righteous duh
—Source: hilly AF molars, chapped offbeat drum machine

2000 working girls 5 crooks 20 hustles

Eulogy for best demeanor: she sits in reflection
Under the pear tree smoldering blossoms—oh, hello,
What a strategic fête of fine elegance!


Eleventh South-East Korean student hangul character-building contest
Femme farmer Korean Jesus Christ and the South-East Weekly News
Sponsor: Grand Prize!

2001 carp 5 zephyrs 19 perennials

Academic investment certificate stamped in a concert of blue
Irises, eyeful club bouncers (unanointed), from the Atlanta
Korea School where headmistress gilds a faded jade parlor

2001 maidens 10 balloons 13 crazy daisies

Commemoration times twelve from the East-South father for a rage catechumen
On a platform for composition in that deep sad slang: participation genre swag
Under the aegis of the Georgia Korean Jesus Christ—a newspaper subscription

2002 blue squirrels 5 scares 18 curses

Topknot kudos for conduct in a roving grove of
Pines with the wrong technique of cryface
To bear, like a daughter, the Sch. of ROK

December 21, 2003

2nd annual bible recitation & quiz Korean
Martyrs Catholic Church
—2nd place

2004 beaches 10 doors 9 dunces

My fifteenth interrogation at the Southeast Korean Timed Essay Writing
Contest warranted a High Class (Level 2) consolation cortege and an ordination
To practice, practice, practice—sponsor: Georgia Korean Junior Chamber

2005 DOGGESS 10 eclipses 8 slips

Order of the Sixteenth Dust from the Children of the Southern Flock spite
Learning in the text arena, runner-up ribbons, items on the agenda: a water spray
For that one baby planter, just chilling at the conference, to grow night, useless, wheat


Stine An (안수연) is a Korean-American poet and comedian based in Providence, RI. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Ohio Edit, Nat. Brut, the minnesota review, and the Best American Experimental Writing series, among other publications. Stine is an MFA candidate in Literary Arts at Brown University and a Vermont Studio Center Fellowship recipient. She studied writing at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College and received a BA in Literature at Harvard College. You can find her work and more at

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