2024 “Creatures” Contest Shortlist Announcement

May 30, 2024Digital Archive, Feature, News

We at BWR are immensely proud to announce the following writers & works selected for our official “Creatures” Contest shortlist! While we cherished every flash fiction & nonfiction combination thereof that we received for our first-ever themed contest, the following pieces represented work that, for us, stood out as deserving special recognition for their respective “creatures.” Congratulations to our winning piece, “Yamabiko,” by Amber Adams, and to our four shortlisted authors, and thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts to all of our submitters. There is no Black Warrior Review without you.

  1. Yamabiko by Amber Adams
  2. The Tube by Amanda Auchter
  3. Rabbit Moon, Lake Nighthorse by Elizabeth Bowling
  4. The Ohio Grassman Goes to Costco by Connor Harding
  5. Mix-Tape Obituary by Christopher David Rosales

Over the course of the summer, we will be publishing all five of our shortlisted authors online, so keep an eye on this space & on our social media platforms for further updates! To read other extraordinary works from BWR, you can visit our online store and subscribe to our newsletter by signing up below.