Best of the Net Nominations!

Sep 30, 2019News

The BWR team is immensely proud to nominate these beautiful and wonderful works for The Best of The Net!

“A naked woman shows up at the door” by Leonora Desar
“Tooth” by Michelle Lee

“L U S T, f o a m, & M DN GHT BLUE” by Caroline Cooledge McCraw
“This Manifesto is Not for Stovetop use” by Claire Bowman

“After We Ruin My Love’s Heart, the God of Annihilation Prays Back to Me” by Kemi Alabi 
“Polyphonic Autopsy & Ansible” by Joy Belonger
“PRIME OR DIAL [PRY MORE DEE UH]” by Patricia Hartland
“from FREAKOPHONE WORLD”by  Madison McCartha
“Candy Melt, Steak Tartare, & Pickled Tongue” by Inga Lea Schmidt
“Unraveling” by Chelsea Welsh

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